Wellness Lantern

These wellness lantern offer students and staff opportunities to update their knowledge and skills sets.

Promoting Wellness for Better Living

Personal and workplace wellness is a universal pursuit that is imperative for individual and corporate productivity. With growing health issues and unrealistic competitive dynamics, wellness is becoming a fading phenomenon among people. This lack of wellness is greatly felt with the rising levels of anxiety, depression, lack of sleep, demotivated workforce, poor diet, health issues, and many other problems that hamper people’s effectiveness.

Wellness programs have now become the essential channels for improving the physical and psychological well-being of people.

What do we do?

M. S. Chellamuthu Institute of Mental Health and Rehabilitation provides professional wellness services to cater to the specific needs of the people, both at individual and group levels. Our team of experts provides enrichment programs, tailor-made training programs, short-term courses, and personalized counseling services that are aimed at bringing about transformation in people.

Our primary aim is to ensure that every individual who comes to us with a problem is engaged in the problem-solving process and thereby ensures sustainable wellness at home, workplace and at their respective community. We provide this through domains promoting school, corporate, family wellness and assessment center.


To be a premier institute beyond borders in providing wellness services for the wholesome transformation of individuals


Transform human life by promoting holistic wellness through education, training, research and consultancy